Improving Stylus Functionality in DocViewer

Idea created by Gideon Williams Champion on Apr 18, 2019

    The original idea to enable stylus use in Doc Viewer for touch enabled Windows devices like the Surface pro has been partially met - Use of Stylus with DOCViewer


    However, the process of using the stylus requires the Action Button on the side of the stylus to be pressed down continuously whilst you write. Whilst this may have not caused issues on the stylus used to test the product (Wacom Bamboo pen?) it is both uncomfortable and unnatural for most of the other devices eg SurfacePro pen.


    The Action/Right click button the stylus was not intended to be held down for long periods of time. Pressing down the button when using the Surface Pro stylus is not easy and is not a natural use of the stylus. What is more, you have to grip the pen tighter which is not great for any long term use.


    A number of testers and commentators on the original idea have recognised similar impracticality with the current solution and you can also read their views in the Comments section of the original idea.


    The idea being submitted asks Canvas to revisit the stylus and improve/develop the functionality of the solution.


    Please can we use the stylus in the way it is intended WITHOUT the need to hold/press down any additional buttons at the same time as annotating.


    Many thanks.



    This idea has been developed and deployed to Canvas


    For details, please refer to the Canvas Release Notes (2019-05-11) .