New Quizzes: Automatic submission at the due datetime

Idea created by John Navarro on Sep 26, 2019
    Open for Voting

    Multiple faculty in have requested the following enhancement for assessments in Quizzes.Next.  In Canvas Quizzes.Next there's no way for the quiz to be due at a particular time, and be considered "submitted" once that time has passed.  Ideally I would like students to be able to work on the quiz all week, have their work saved automatically, be able to change whatever answers they like, and then at the indicated due date and time, whatever work the student has done becomes their submission.  The way Canvas Quizzes.Next works, students have to click submit. This leads to two problems: Some students inevitably forget to hit "submit" and email after the due date asking for lenience. Others hit submit early and then have a change of heart and want to change their answers, and email asking to be allowed to reopen the problem set.