Gradual automatic late penalties

Idea created by Steven Schwamenfeld on Nov 4, 2019
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    • Steven Schwamenfeld
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    There are several added flexibilities I would like to see added to the late penalty policy, as a correction to the apparent unfairness described by Timothy Lim, "The automatic late submission penalty is a useful feature. However, it's a bit of blunt instrument. Specifically, presently, there appears to be no way to distinguish between a student who submits an assignment even one minute past the deadline and another student who submits 23 hours and 59 minutes past the deadline."


    I'd like to see the late penalty applied more gradually, and I believe these ideas offer canvas a quick way to graduate the late penalty:

    • I'd like to have two decimal places added to the percentage deduction so that I could graduate the late penalty by applying 0.25% per hour instead of 6% per day. (1% per hour = 24% per day which is far more severe than I'd like.)
    • Canvas already tracks lateness as #.## days, and I would like to have the same two decimal places with which to decide the frequency of late penalty multiples, again so that I can gradually apply the penalty. For example, 0.05% per 0.01 days instead of 5% per day.

    The second point would be even better if the late penalty options included a simple check box that would cause the daily or hourly penalty to be gradually and evenly applied using the smallest increment of time measured by canvas.  That would reduce set up calculations for the instructors.


    Edited to remove duplication of:

    MORE Late penalty options (which would allow weekends and holidays to be skipped, and make a grace period possible before late penalties apply)

    Late Grades Option (toggle) (which would allow individual assignments to be excluded) and

    Separate Late policies for individual assignments (which more specifically allows individual late policies to be created for individual assignments.)