Assign a Total Quiz Value and Automatically Distribute the Points to Questions

Idea created by Matt Erickson on May 11, 2015
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    I am copying this feature request from the old community as a request for it recently came in at our institution:



    Original text:

    "I want a spot where I can say this quiz is worth 15 points and then have Canvas divide the number of questions by the total points and assign point values to each question. Sometimes I add or subtract a question but I need the quiz to total a certain number of points so I have to go in and calculate the exact number of points for each question and change the pt value of each question, etc...this is tedious.  Why won't the computer do this for me?"



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    September 2015 update from Jason Sparks


    We are planning some updates to Canvas Quizzes, and my expectation is we will work to offer more granular ways to manage points and questions in some way. We will not likely release this in the next six months, but this is something we want to plan for in a future overhaul of the tool.  For now, we will archive this idea. Please know this is something we want to deliver.