Always allow extra time for specific students (IEP, LEP, etc.)

Idea created by Constancia Wendt on Sep 8, 2015
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    I know that we can go to a timed quiz and add on more time.


    I would like to allow extra time for specific students not just for certain quizzes, but for ALL timed activities, since this is very often a part of a student's IEP. For example:


    Quiz A: 10 minutes

    Quiz B: 20 minutes

    Quiz C: 15 minutes


    Let's say that my IEP student Vernor Learner generally needs 15 extra minutes. I allow him the 15 minutes for ALL timed tasks, so he now gets 25, 35 and 30 minutes total on quizzes A, B and C, respectively. 


    This just saves me the time of granting extra time for each task and lets me get it all done at the start of the semester.


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    This feature is now available through the new Quizzes LTI tool.  Find more information on the Quizzes LTI tool, and how to access it, at Quizzes.Next User Group 


    The specific guide for this feature in the Quizzes LTI tool is How do I adjust timer settings for a student's assessment attempts in Quizzes.Next?