Sync Grade Categories with PowerSchool

Idea created by SARA FREY on Sep 16, 2015
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    Assignments sent to Powerschool should populate directly into the correctly identified categories, not simply into "Assignments" and "Quizzes." Teachers take the steps of setting up categories in Canvas to match those in Powerschool, but if the assignments aren't filtering into the categories, why bother?



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    January 2016 update from Linda Feng

    Hi everyone - this feature has been implemented for Powerschool Grade Pass Back is now available in Production Canvas.

    Some notes on this feature:

    1. Because it makes use of a new api feature from Powerschool, it requires Powerschool 9.1.1.
    2. Teachers should create Canvas Assignment Groups in their courses to match the names of the Powerschool assignment categories (the name, including case and spacing) must match EXACTLY.
    3. Powerschool assignment category still need to be created and maintained separately in PowerTeacher
    4. If it does not find an exact match, it will default to the following:
      • "HOMEWORK" for Canvas Assignments and Graded Discussions
      • "QUIZ" for Canvas Quizzes