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    I was asked to post this as a 'Feature Request' by a Canvas Technical Support Engineer, so here it goes:


    ... The Admin level (account level) report for Grade Export uses a Filter that is Term-based (by default).  That is excellent when one does not use "Multiple Grading Periods" (most colleges), but very difficult and mostly not useful if one does (high schools and lower).  The trouble is due to it not allowing the report to capture the grading window (grading period).  It would need an expanded filter to allow a selection of the grading period.  At our High School we have setup Multiple Grading Periods at the Account Level (Q1, Q2, Q3, Q4), so all Teachers inherit the default grading periods and single grading scheme.  The solution would be a multi-value lookup pair for the report dropdown (allowing me to choose the Term, then the Grading period).


    The benefit to folks who support the LMS would be an export with assignments based on the date ranges of the Grading Period (If I chose Q2, I get Q2, not the whole Term, etc...).  Aside from the Organizational Data by Grading Period benefit, we would also be able to get Grading Period Level Totals by Class/Quarter for an SMS import  (using Secondary SIS ID and Total Points columns from the export).


    Please consider this, it is a NATURAL next step Report Feature for your Multiple Grading Periods

    Thank you



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    The first phase of Multiple Grading Periods reports have now been released to productionCanvas Production Release Notes (2015-11-21)

    A second phase of reports was released to production Canvas Production Release Notes (2016-08-06)