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Idea created by Helice Agria on Oct 10, 2015
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    If your institution opts to have a log-out period for security/privacy reasons there is currently no log-out session warning due to inactivity. This means that when a user is in the Canvas system, they are not alerted when their session expires or if they have been logged out on a different tab/browser or mobile device. Activity in Canvas is defined only as clicks. Text-entry is not included, so the following:

    • updating grades,
    • entering an assignment or discussion,
    • creating a message or announcement
    • recording a video (presumably),
    • composing the answer to an essay based quiz question

    would not trigger or track as activity. We have had several instances where students have lost work in assignments, instructors have lost grades, announcements and messages that they were working on because they did not know that they were logged-out.


    Although a stay "signed-in" checkbox feature is available and could potentially help in these situations, we were informed that this option is only available when the log-out period is set to 1 hour or greater. This period was deemed too long for public computers.


    Potential solutions would include:

      1. a pop-up session log-out warning that would ask the user if they want to stay logged-in
      2. the availability of the check box at log-out times set to under 1 hour



        Comments from Instructure

        March 2016 update from Allison Weiss

        Jason Siciliano, I agree with you that solving for auto save in the text editor (what we call the Rich Content Editor or RCE) would be an excellent first step that might resolve a good portion of the pain users feel when a session expires. I'm working on a project right now to help us implement autosave in the RCE, though the exact time when we'll release that functionality is not known. Stay tuned! We'll archive this idea for now.