Add more distinction between discussion forum posts to distinguish them from each other.

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    It would be very helpful if discussion forum posts could be darker around the edges to show a distinction of the post as well as the reply to a post being more indented.  It would also be helpful if there was more space between the replies, because it can be difficult for users to separate the discussions in their mind to know which post they are in fact responding to.  A student mentioned having a hard time separating out which post is separated, and I can see how it could be hard for someone with eye problems as well.  If students could "name" their reply to the original post that would be great, as a way to mimic the thread style forums.


    Thanks for your consideration!




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    March 2016 update from Allison Weiss


    Julia Phillips, that is correct. We are focused on some other features right now so I don't expect to make any significant enhancements to discussions during the next six months. That said, I love this discussion because it's helping me to identify some of the key problems:


    • Discussion threads are hard to follow
    • It's hard to see where one thread ends and a new one begins
    • It's hard to tell whether a question at any level in the threading hierarchy has been answered
    • It's difficult to navigate between sub-topics inside a discussion.
    • Etc.


    We'll archive this for now, but please feel free to continue adding your comments and insights. Also, if there is one particularly problem that stands out as the most important to solve FIRST, feel free to post a product idea devoted to that specific problem.