Option for setting a number of discussion posts required before being flagged for grading

Idea created by Paula Miranda on Nov 13, 2015
    Open for Voting


    In order to encourage students to participate more in the online discussion forum for their classes, many instructors require that they submit more than one post to a graded forum. Currently, when students submit just one post, they are flagged for grading in the Speedgrader (orange circle icon). Instructors who require more than one post before the discussion assignment is considered completed or available for grading have to look through each student who has submitted at least one post and see whether they have submitted the required amount.



    It is a time-consuming task for the instructor to check every student who has been flagged for grading, since, in many cases, a student may not have yet submitted their second (or third, fourth, nth, etc.) submission, leading to wasted time and effort for an instructor.



    Include an option in the discussion forum properties that allows instructors to set the number of posts a student must submit before they are flagged for grading.