Email multiple classes at one time

Idea created by Elizabeth Malatestinic on Feb 4, 2016
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    Instructors often want, or are asked, to share news and information of importance to all our classes.  Currently, that means copying and pasting that information into anywhere from 2-5 different classes.  Given that there is a drop down box for choosing a class to message currently, adding the ability to select multiple classes seems like it would be an easy "fix".  Please add this capability ASAP.




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    April 2016 update from Allison Weiss

    This feature idea gets to the heart of how we architected messaging in Canvas. Right now, there are some limitations in place that prevent teachers from sending messages to multiple courses. It's not quite as simple as it looks, since we have to also be checking messaging permissions by user to determine whether a teacher (or TA) should be able to message more than one course or section. This is a piece of functionality that we have in line for a healthy refactor, meaning we have plans to rebuild the framework in a more flexible way that will support additional messaging scenarios. I will reach back out to the community when that project is on deck for additional feedback.


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