Allow discussion owner to be changed

Idea created by Mathieu Plourde on May 15, 2017
    Open for Voting



    Has anyone else noticed the following behavior in Canvas?


    When you create a new discussion as a teacher or a course designer, your avatar and name gets assigned to it. A nice touch, isn't it?


    Here is where it gets dicey. If I'm a course designer preparing a course site for a teacher, unless I masquerade as the instructor, the discussions show up under my name, which is at best confusing for students. And I have no other way to transfer the ownership back to the instructor. He has to recreate the discussions, period.


    Another use case is when course imports are used. If I import a IMS CC .zip file from another site, the discussions will not be assigned to any user at all.



    Could it be possible to enable:

    1. Unassign discussions so they don't show up as owned by anyone (like the second screenshot)?
    2. Transfer ownership back to another instructor in the class on individual discussions or in bulk?


    That's it, thanks for voting up!