Add 'Inactive' label on the Groups page

Idea created by on Sep 27, 2017
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    Similar to Add 'Inactive' label on Moderate Quiz page, it would be helpful for instructors to see an 'Inactive' label on the Groups page.


    Often times in assigning group work early in the term before add/drop period is over, students leave the course and thus an imbalanced set of groups can result.

    With an Inactive label next to students it becomes easier for instructors to identify groups that may need modification.  


    A best practice would be to hold off on creating groups until after the add / drop period but for some courses that are more project based, this is not feasible.  And it seems cumbersome to map the inactive students list to the groups page efficiently especially for large enrollment courses.


    FYI - I wasn't sure if this was the same request asGroup Enrollments should Match Course Enrollments so feel free to delete if so.


    - Melanie


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