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We setup UDOIT on Heroku under the free plan following Jacob's install video (a fantastic resource) just to test the UDOIT tool.  Now we would like to go-live with UDOIT for all of our courses (just under 1,000 per semester).  Trying to figure out which Heroku plan and Heroku Postgres plan is a good fit. I don't know what the storage, RAM, and dyno needs are for UDOIT.

Any plan recommendations are appreciated.  Is Hobby plan good to start with or is Standard plan with Standard 0 for Postgres needed?


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I'm glad the presentation was helpful!

UCF Doesn't host our instance of UDOIT with Heroku, so I can't speak with much authority, but I have talked to a few schools that do.  In general, I recommend going with the Hobby tier for both dynos and the Hobby Basic ($9/month) tier for Postgres.  If you need more than the 10,000,000 rows the Hobby Basic tier allows, you can always bump it up.  Likewise, you can always upgrade your worker dyno to the Standard tier if you feel like you need more processing power.

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