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RCE not keyboard accessible?

Please correct me if I'm wrong but is the RCE keyboard accessible? I was unable to navigate (in Chrome) to any of the built-in styles and formatting within the RCE (2 rows of options above the text box) including the Accessibility Checker using only the keyboard. The order was egregious, out of order, and only selected items on the periphery of the screen. I was shocked at what I found and really hope that it is somehow a fluke?

I support faculty and am concerned about a few faculty in particular that utilize a screenreader and 'tab' to navigate and build their courses.

Has anyone else experienced this? What is your workflow? Is it browser specific?


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Hello  @kristi_oneilgon ‌, the rich content editor that Canvas uses in TinyMCE, they provide some documentation on the keyboard shortcuts to use to work with the editor here: 

TinyMCE | Accessibility  

Per the instructions on that page using ALT + F10 should take you to the toolbar and then you can navigate through the options using the tab key - including the accessibility checker. I tried it on Chrome on a Mac and it worked fine, but I assume it should work for other browser combinations as well. Give that a try - hopefully it works! 


So this would require knowledge of the separate workflow, is that correct?
Thanks for quick response. 

It does require the knowledge of an app-specific keyboard shortcut - once you use the keyboard shortcut the workflow should be fairly intuitive for someone to navigate through the toolbar.