UDOIT Version 2.2.0 "Altoona"

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This release contains many bug fixes, improvements on existing features, mobile-inspired issue detection, and better compatibility with Heroku. This release also begins our new naming scheme, which is based on small towns and areas in Central Florida.

Important Note:  If you are upgrading from an existing installation, there are some specific instructions you need to follow.  Refer to the full release notes.


  • Old reports are now stored in the database.  This means that UDOIT will work in environments where file storage is not persistent such as Heroku.
  • Fixed a bug with YouTube caption detection that wrongly flagged videos with parameters in the URL.  (Thanks  @JACOBSEN_C ‌!)
  • Removed requirement for Bower and NPM, making self-hosted installation WAY easier!
  • Added the option to remove color from text emphasized with only color.
  • Added "lighten" and "darken" options to color contrast U FIX IT.
  • Added configurable text to "unscannable" section that suggests converting the files to Pages.
  • Added file size warning for "unscannable" files larger than 50mb
  • Added configurable suggestion for single content items longer than 3000 words.
  • Rewrote much of the color contrast U FIX IT for better reliability.
  • Added more installation instructions, troubleshooting guides, and awards to the README.
  • Re-enabled detection for object tags, since they are still allowed in HTML files.
  • Created the Contributor's Guide.

Read the full release notes for more information and installation/upgrade instructions.