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Did Canvas stop working on this tool?

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New features are being introduced for the old Assignments tool, such as the webcam pics and student annotations, but they don't work in Assignment Enhancements. No word in the release notes about this. Anyone know if Assignment Enhancements will be kept up to date? We made a mistake enabling this tool, but if we go back, there are issues with multiple submission attempts. Furthermore, it's an all or nothing feature, with no Allow option. I'm feeling a bit stuck.

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This is probably the most anticipated update for Canvas since we started using it at our university in 2017/18 due to the flaws with the current system. And i might be very wrong, but it feels like this project has been on a stand still for the past year and a half based on the user group for the new enhancements. It would be great to get more status updates regarding the new enhancements, what your plans are on features etc.

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