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Adding an External Tool to Course Navigation?

Hi All,

Hope someone can help me with a project.  Our institution signed a deal with, which includes integration with Canvas.  However, the only supported integration is via an External Tool, which they intend to be accessed via a link in Modules.  I've gotten a request to add it to Course Navigation, either on a course-by-course basis or globally.  Anyone tried something like this, or have suggestions?

Thanks in advance.

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We have modified several LTI's before we installed them to change where or how they appear in Canvas.

The XML Config Builder works great. Test it in Beta until you get the hang of the various settings.

My personal favorite is to add to the Course Navigation but Disable it, I use this for publisher links. That way it is lurking there for instructors to use if they need access to it but not turned on in every course.  We do not allow our instructors to add LTI so this is my method of distributing them in Canvas without forcing everyone to drag it off the Course Nav.

I tried a couple different ways to do this - it seems the LTI requires it to open in a new window to work, so the course navigation doesn't work properly.  Any idea how to do that?

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