Awarding badges to student email addresses

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We have a permissions issue with one of our Badgr users where the teacher is awarding badges to students based on module completion requirements. Unfortunately, the badges are being awarded to hashed identifiers instead of to the student's email address. This defeats the purpose of portable badges. Is there a permissions setting at the account or course level that is preventing this? It does not appear to be Read SIS Data permission setting, the teacher can view student emails. Any ideas? 

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 @khammond , I see that you've posted the same question in Find Answers‌. So that we don't run into the issue of parallel response threads, and to avoid duplication of effort, we encourage our Community members to post their question initially to one area, and then share it out to any other groups of which they are members. That way, all responses will appear in a single unified thread under one post. With that in mind, I've shared your first post to the Canvas Admins‌ group, and I've locked this one.

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