Can Students see which section they belong to in Crosslisted courses (No People Tab)

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(Canvas is new to our University, learning as we go)

Ex1. ENGL1300-12345 & SPAN1300-23456 are crosslisted

When SPAN students login, they see the ENGL1300 course, it may cause confusion.

Ex2. CHEM1100-10001 is crosslisted with 10 other lab sections, 10001-10010.

Is it possible for the student to log in and see which 5 digit section they belong to?

We have the People option turned off for students, and we don't want the course name to be too long. How are other schools handling these types of scenarios, looking for suggestions. We prefer to turn off the option for Teachers to edit their own course title

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Hello @StephenPerez 

Generally, no - students do  not see the explicit section name and code they are enrolled in. However, many schools use that information for the course name and title  which is available to students for obvious reasons. It is advised to change the name of the course for cross-listed courses so students do not get confused thinking they enrolled in section 001 but they see 003, for example. It isn't necessary - the teacher can make an announcement. But students do not get access to course settings - sections tab. 

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