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Canvas and Banner schools - How did you set up your SIS automation?

If your institution uses both Ellucian Banner and Canvas, our university would be interested in connecting with your systems integration team.  We are working to set up the automation of our SIS imports and would appreciate the connection.  Are there any Canvas Developers in the community willing to share how they set up their automation?  Feel free to share here in the forum or contact me directly.

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not using banner

For us, data governance and vendor cooperation left us with 4 SQL views of data from our SIS.



Sections (courses and cross listing)

Student Schedule (enrollments)

Each has a startdate and endate, which sets whether they are active district, active school, active course, and active enrollment. We use these views to generate the CSV files for SIS Import

We run the reports with +8 day look ahead for startdate and a -1 day for end date.

Then, schedule them for automation.

The hourly imports, use our own differential/merge method against our full data set. For us this is quicker than uploading the whole data set with 'differential' checked, because the import takes so long. Our hourly runs in about 12 minutes, gets uploaded to Canvas and imported in about 1 second. This means teachers can check a box in the SIS and the course and enrollments will be created during the next hourly push.

We also customize the course title to have some meaning. eg

Algebra II - S2 -- P02 - CARROLL, R | 20900AD2-1 - SPR19

We started with the Bash script found here, canvas-contrib/SIS_Integration at master · kajigga/canvas-contrib · GitHub 

But have modified it for our own needs, logging and reporting needs.

I see this is an old post, but it still applies to my situation.


I'm a student at my Univeristy, and have been given a work study/project class where my task is just this. The automation of Banner imports to Canvas. My situation is unique because there is only so much I am able to look at due to privacy but currently my school uses Banner and an SIS import to populate our .CSV files from Banner, then it's saved in the naming convention in the appropriate folder and a Canvas update is manually done. 


I'm also new to coding but it's what I'm trying to learn and why I'm in school but I think your solution will help me. Can you give me any tips on actually implementing it?

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I am looking for consult on similar issue with faculty enrollment. In our case, faculty are not getting dropped from course when they have been removed from Colleague.  If any one can help us work out or faculty drop issue, please feel free to share or contact me directly, as well.