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PeopleSoft-Canvas real-time enrollment sync?

Question asked by Fritz Vandover on Mar 13, 2018
Latest reply on May 29, 2018 by Stuart Ryan

Is real-time ERP-Canvas enrollment sync possible? We (the University of Minnesota) use PeopleSoft.



Context; we are working on ways to reduce or eliminate manual enrollment of students into enrollment-linked Canvas sites for all of the reasons you'd imagine (FERPA issues, registration and credit issues it can create, etc.). As many of your are likely well aware, instructors manually push in students to get them immediate access to the Canvas site because the enrollment update may be hours away (we update 4 times per day).


In my previous position at Macalester College (a Moodle-Banner campus), we were having the same challenge with manual student enrollment and inevitable calls to the Registrar and IT by students asking why they didn't have access to the Moodle site for a course they'd just registered for. Real-time Banner-Moodle enrollment sync is feasible and we were moving toward it when I left that role as a way to eliminate the need for this particular manual student enrollment use case and to reduce the help traffic related to access to Moodle sites before the enrollment sync ran again. Bethel University here in MN has been doing real-time Banner-Moodle enrollment sync for years.


I'd certainly appreciate hearing from anyone at an institution that is doing this or exploring this.


Many Thanks,

Fritz Vandover, Ph.D.

University of Minnesota-Twin Cities