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Course resetting and blueprint

Hi everyone,  I am wondering if anyone has to attempt to tackle the issue below.

Use case:

  • Faculty member had a course which is blueprinted with our institutional blueprint
  • Faculty member has made so many changes they are requesting that we "start the course over"
  • Our CourseID's are synced to Banner SIS data so we cannot create a new SIS ID for the course


I am trying to find the easiest way to "reset" the course for them to re-begin development in the live student-facing course.


The process I have tried:

1.  Works - Using the API I make a call to reset the course using the course reset option which gives it a new internal canvas course #  (e.g. school.instructure.com/courses/#####) .  API I am using is "..../api/v1/courses/#####/reset_content"

2.  Works - Using the API I re-associate the course with the institutional blueprint.  API I am using is ".....//api/v1/courses/132/blueprint_templates/default/update_associations' -d 'course_ids_to_add[]=#####" (##### is the new canvas course number)

So far so good until I noticed that the default module, syllabus description, files, etc... content does not automatically populate into the course after reset even though it shows as associated with the blueprint UNTIL our instructional design team makes a change to the blueprint which triggers the refresh.

What I did try to do is manually use the course copy feature to copy the modules and other content, but this morning found that we did a blueprint update and the course I reset had now double modules (the ones I manually copied and then a set which was from the blueprint refresh).


Questions for the group are:

-  Has anyone found a way to "really" delete a course as an admin and recreate it from full scratch.  I have spoken with our implementation specialist and it appears there is no way to do this in Canvas.

-  If I perform a blueprint sync via the API using the API parameters below, what impact would it have on courses I am not needing to update because there was no change to the blueprint, the API documentation states that after I perform an association, "a sync is needed".     API sample to start a sync appears to be: "........./api/v1/courses/132/blueprint_templates/default/migrations' -F 'comment=reset course refresh' -F 'send_notifications=false' -F 'copy_settings=false'"

- Is there any difference from editing a blueprint page and sync via the GUI versus the API using the parameters "........./api/v1/courses/132/blueprint_templates/default/migrations' -F 'comment=reset course refresh' -F 'send_notifications=false' -F 'copy_settings=false'"

Any other ideas on how we can accomplish a full reset for a faculty member to "start over" with their course would be greatly appreciated!!!









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