Deleting a Course permission role: how do I know if anyone is using it?

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I am trying to clean up the course role permissions for our instance and we have a couple course-roles that we have created that probably need to be deleted. 

Is there a way to know if anyone is using those roles before I delete them?

Or, maybe the more relevant question is, what happens if I delete a role that someone is using?

For example:

We have role called Professional Learner.  If I delete that role, and there are users who have been added to a course as Professional Learners, what will happen?  Will they no longer be in that course? Will I get an error/alert message?

Sidenote: For the Account permissions side, I found this very helpful document & script from James Jones for pulling a report of Admin Users & their roles.

Thanks for any guidance you can offer a very green admin!

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I need to update my document -- the course roles can be obtained by the Provisioning Report, so that will let you find everyone who has a certain course role quickly.

The other question was interesting and I didn't know the answer. Rather than search for the answer, which may or may not be there, I decided to test it.

I created a course role called TESTING ROLE and added one of our fake testing accounts to it in a course.  Then I went in and accepted the invitation, then went back and deleted the course role.

When I tried to delete the role, I got this pop up.


I clicked OK and then went into the course with the student.

The student was still there with the non-existent role.


However, when I go to the account page for that person, it shows them listed as a "Teacher" (that was the parent role I used to create the "TESTING ROLE").


However, when I look at the enrollments in the course from the People page filter, I don't get a "TESTING ROLE" and I get only one "Teacher" instead of 2.


My suggestion would be to find all the people that have that course role and change their enrollment in that course before you delete the role. It appears that deleting a role that has active enrollments may result in unintended behavior.

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