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Earned badges moving with students across courses


We are testing Badgr as an option to record completion of program orientation. Students should only have to complete this once. Is there a way for the badge to follow the student so any teacher can see that a student had earned that badge? Right now it looks like the badge is course specific, but perhaps I'm missing a piece?


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Hi Tiffany Morgan,

I found this "here is a 53-minute recording of a session Getting Started with Badgr in Canvas - YouTube from August 15, 2018, by Concentric Sky." in another thread. In the recording toward the end in the Q&A period, they specifically talk about turning off duplicate badges in other courses.

Hope that helps,
Cheers - Shar

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 @tiffany_morgan ‌ with Badgr Pro, you can track badges that are awarded in other courses if needed. There are also ways to share your badge award. Let us know if you have a more specific question.