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Enrollment Email Notifications why sometimes doesn't get sent

Can someone clear up the mixed communication I'm finding out on the Community with if/when do email notifications get sent out to faculty and students when enrolled in a course?   I've found some Canvas community posts stating if manual enrollment NO EMAIL gets sent but then found another post stating NO EMAILS sent if SIS Import done for enrollments. 

We are trying to find out why a lot of faculty and students for a term did NOT get the enrollment email notification from Canvas.  Some did and some didn't and it might be due to this manual versus SIS Import versus API calls and might be different for faculty vs students??  


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82711010bc61080b507960f9af47f13a496158f1cf91ab1f83b37b2a63af3fe2, we've been using Canvas for 6 years and the way things have always worked for us is:

  • People ARE notified if they are manually added. The only thing that might impact this is how they have their notification settings set-up. If "Administrative Notifications" are set for "Notify me right away" then they should get a notification sent to their email as soon as they are added to a course. Otherwise they would be notified per their adjusted settings - daily summary, weekly summary, don't send me anything.
  • People ARE NOT notified if they are added via SIS import.

Hope this helps!


Thanks  @kona ‌.  Even if they do not have the to notify immediately, but say daily or weekly, it should still show in the Admin Tools | View Notifications page when you pull up the user, right?  They are not showing there for some students and I'm being told some were enrolled manually and others via our API calls with the send notification flag set. 

82711010bc61080b507960f9af47f13a496158f1cf91ab1f83b37b2a63af3fe2, I'll be honest that I've never checked that in Admin tools. We only enroll students via SIS import so there's never been a reason to check. Yet, in theory, I would guess that it should show up if they had been added manually. Have you tried testing this to see - so add someone manually and then check the Admin tools?

I don't think we paid attention to the manual versus SIS Import versus API calls when an enrollment was done.  We've literally been crazy busy and not much time to thoroughly play with the system to learn all the ins & outs.  We'll have to get someone on this to test out on the 3 different ways and start getting some documentation written for training.  Thanks  @kona ‌

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Hi 82711010bc61080b507960f9af47f13a496158f1cf91ab1f83b37b2a63af3fe2


Same for us as with  @kona , and we have been using Canvas the same amount of time.


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This sounds like something that could be similar to an issue we had in the past.278646_Screen Shot 2018-06-05 at 4.17.05 PM.png

Masquerade as a user (student or faculty) who reports that they didn't receive an email notification that they should have and look at their Ways to Contact email address(es) in their user settings.  If there's a yellow triangle with a black exclamation mark within next to it/them 278647_Screen Shot 2018-06-05 at 4.17.05 PM.png, there's a good chance Instructure (amazon web services, actually) has that Canvas users email address currently under suppression/black listed after an episode of bounced email going back to Instructure/AWS.  If you see one, a yellow triangle 278675_Screen Shot 2018-06-05 at 4.17.05 PM.png, check in with a few more of your Canvas user accounts reporting the same issue to confirm (masquerade as them and check ways to contact email addresses for the triangle), and then reach out to instructure/your CSM and ask if you can have a list of suppressed user emails in your Canvas instance.  Share that list with your IT department and ask if any email service/system maintenance, events, or the like could have happened in the recent past that would cause email to bounce back to to Instructure/AWS, etc. etc.

Odds are there will be nothing either side can do but wait 2 weeks for the suppression to stop... but, you'll know what's happening anyway.  Users adding a personal, or ultimately another email address to their ways to contact is a work around until the two weeks pass.

Thanks Clint!  Never new this! I will take a look.  Bad thing is with this one is it happened back around April 27th and I'm just being informed, so not sure the true data will still be there. I was hoping to be able to pull some report or look at the emails sent by Canvas upon enrollment.  We are still just getting into the weeds with Canvas even though we've had it up and running for just over a year.  Each university has different requirements and settings, so we don't always hit things right away. 


Also note if you are using the enrolment  API via an integration rather than the SIS import API (csv) there is an option to notify or not (enrolment[notify] parameter) so it really does depend on how students are enrolled and via what method.

Enrollments - Canvas LMS REST API Documentation 

Thanks Brett!  Yes I had verified on our API enrollments they have the option to send notification is set. 

Any traumatic triangles?  278846_Screen Shot 2018-06-07 at 2.29.04 PM.png  

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Hey Clint, no, no traumatic triangles for the 3 student users they sent me as examples.  

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It is good to see that other institutions have seen this problem. Maybe there could be more options that can be controlled at the subaccount level.

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I have the same problem I am creating the enrollment from the API but the notification email does not send

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