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Google Drive Integration LTI

Our team has created courses using the Google Drive Integration LTI. First of all, our district is Google App district. We are all about Google and every student has a district Google Drive account.  Logically we have built courses pulling content and activities via Google Drive.  We have create Google Cloud Worksheets for activities.  Here is the issue we are having, some students are not able to see the Google Cloud Worksheets while others in the same room see it.  

We have tried clearing the cache in the browser and still these students have the same issue.  

Has anyone else encountered this problem? If so, did you find a resolution.

Bill gaskins

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We are not seeing those problems currently. Everything seems to be running fairly smoothly here.

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We also have experienced occasional issues with teachers getting a garbled error page instead of the student's Google cloud assignment image in Speedgrader. We believe that, at least sometimes, it is due to students shutting their chromebooks too fast after submitting, interrupting the submission process. When we've had the student click submit again (and be patient about closing the chromebook) the second submission comes through correctly.

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We've had this problem as well, and the following usually fixes it:

1. Visit the user's account settings in Canvas. Unregister Google Drive under "Registered Services."

2. Under "Approved Integrations," delete Canvas.

3. Within the student's Google Drive account, visit "Settings" and then "Manage Apps."

4. Next to Canvas, click "Options" and "Disconnect from Drive."

5. Students will now have to re-authorize Google Drive from the LTI assignment page, or re-register Drive from the user's settings page in Canvas.

As mentioned by others, personal Google accounts also cause a problem. I most often see this issue when students are using Canvas at home--if they have their personal account open/active in any other tab or window within the browser, it'll make Canvas grumpy. For students/families who are heavy Gmail/Drive users at home, I recommend using a different browser for Canvas to keep everything separated.

These two fixes have solved the problem in about 95% of cases!

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This has happened within my district in the past, and when we encountered it, it was a problem on Canvas's end. I'm now also interested in seeing if it is caused by shutting a Chromebook too quickly, although I imagine we'd see this a lot more in our district if this were the case. Have you been able to replicate this submission error to verify?