Office 365 Collaborations - Sessions Expired Error

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Is anyone else seeing this? When attempting to create an Office 365 Collaboration, a "your session has expired" error occurs. I have filed Case 04930126 with Instructure to see if they can identify the cause.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. In a Canvas course, click COLLABORATIONS in the course navigation menu.
  3. Select OFFICE 365.
  4. Log in to Office 365 when prompted.
  5. Select WORD as the document type (or doesn't matter).
  6. Enter a name for the document.
  7. Select one or more students to collaborate with (optional).
  8. Click SAVE.

Result: Two error messages are displayed:

  1. Your session has expired, please log back in.
  2. An unexpected error occurred.

Expected result: The new O365 collaboration is created without errors.

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yes we are getting this reported a lot. but seems like you can fix it by clicking on the office 365 link in the course navigation and then you can create the shared document. its like the authenitcation tocket for MS is not sticking or getting shared. it/s my theory anyway

wish there was an answer



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