Ongoing Course - What term do I choose?

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Wanting to setup a course for ongoing staff development.  I am setting up each different topic for the PD as a Module.  I don't want this course to end at the end of a term or year.  Would I use "Term" "All"  when setting the course up?  because if I choose default it will lock everyone out at the end of the term correct?

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Canvas Admins have the functionality to create and define terms in Canvas.

We create and define our academic terms before they occur so that they are ready for SIS integration.

We define ad hoc terms as needed. some that we have include:

  • Professional Development,
  • continuous enrollment
  • Course Templates
  • Training Demos
  • More.

"Default Term" is just that, a default term that comes standard with your Canvas account and provides a place to put courses until you define your own terms. You can learn more at 

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