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Removing External App

I added Office 365 to my instance then found that Microsoft only allows collaborations if the user's Microsoft accounts are on the same domain, which does not fit my model.  two questions:

1) Is this consistent with what you know (if not, is there a work-around)?

2) How do I remove the APP from my instance - I do not see these instructions in the Admin guide.

Thanks, Michael

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Community Coach
Community Coach


What you say about that O365 feature only working when users are on the same microsoft domain is my understand as well (unfortunately).  

To remove an app from Canvas, here are the steps:

  • Go to the Admin area where you added the LTI app and click on Settings
  • Click on the Apps tab
  • Click the View App Configurations button
  • Find the App you want to remove, click the Gear icon to the far right and select Delete

If the App was added at a high level than you are currently accessing it you will not be able to remove it.  For instance, if the App was added a the Root account but you are trying to remove it from a sub-account or course, you will cannot do it.  You need to go to the same spot as where it was added to do so.

Hope that helps,


My gear icon does not say delete.  It says placement only.  I need to delete the app to reset it correctly.

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I have the same problem as #nmsreneelee.  I have an app that needs removing but can't because the Gear only display the app placement.

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Same issue. Can someone please respond!

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Same issues....any ideas?

Do you have the LTI - add/edit/delete permission enabled for your account role?

Also make sure you're looking at the App Configurations from the account level (where you added it), not from a course level or a different account/sub-account. You can see the apps in a course/sub-account, but won't be able to delete from there if you added it at the root account level.

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Hi All,

Is there a way to remove the app from the Settings so faculty can’t enable them to show on the navigation? The reason is that we want to keep all the data belongs to the app but don’t want faculty to continue to use it in future. Hope it make sense.