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Removing a Teacher from Canvas

I have a department that wants to remove a teacher from Canvas. She is leaving the university and the department wants to make sure she does not have access to courses. I informed them that once Main Campus revokes her ID and her single sign-on authentication, this would remove access to Canvas. I have not removed an active teacher from a Canvas course. I have removed students and I know that Canvas keeps their information, grades, etc.

What about teachers?

Is there anything different I should know?

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Hi John,

There isn't anything else you should know.  Canvas treat student and teacher account the same way.   

I'm not sure if you allow teacher and students to add additional email addresses to their account other than their school supplied one, but if you do you may want to remove any additional emails from their account as they could use that to request resetting their password and bi-pass the SSO.

At my institution we use SSO as well and therefore have add some custom #javascript‌ to remove the #forgot password‌ link from being shown on the Canvas sign in screen and we have also removed the ability for any user to be able to add any other email to their Canvas account. By doing so once a person leaves the institution and their access gets shut off in AD they don't have any way of accessing anything within Canvas. 


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Thanks for the information. I thought that Teachers would be treated the same as Students.