Roll Call Attendance assignment and Attendance in general

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Our college is growing very quickly. We currently have about 43000 online students. We started using a new SIS (CampusCloud) in the Fall.  We are struggling a lot with reporting attendance.  I have two questions related to attendance.

1. We have the Roll Call attendance tool set up in all of our blueprints.  I set the settings how they need to be to properly communicate with our SIS. But it never fails that some instructors change the settings in the blueprints and/or the courses.  So, it does not report correctly to CampusCloud.  Is there any way to lock down an assignment so that the instructors cannot change the settings?

2. I've had instructors tell me that they use Canvas at other institutions and they do not have to do attendance.  It is somehow done automatically from the submissions made by the students.  At our institution, students must complete a gradable assessment to be considered attending.  Does anyone know of an add-in, lti, or something that can capture this information and do attendance automatically for us?

Thanks for your help.

Patty DiGiacobbe

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