relock / reset module completion data for a user when using module requirements

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Hi all, might not be the right place, but I thought I would ask. 

I notice that there have been a couple of discussions mentioning the unlocking of module requirements for a specific user :

but what about re-locking / resetting module requirements for a user?

Use case:

We use a course for academic integrity. Modules must be completed and which opens up a quiz to the user which they must complete. If the quiz reaches a threshold mark, the user gets a badge to say that they understand the policies and the importance of academic integrity.

If that user then breaches one of the policies, apart from other repercussions, if they continue to be a student they will need to resit the academic integrity course and complete the quiz again, rather than just resitting the quiz.

Unfortunately, the course had been open to 'everyone' and is not leveraging sections / groups. It's been in existence for 2 years.

I can't find an endpoint to re-lock / reset modules for a specific user. I don't see why there isn't one unless there's a more elegant solution to my above example. Outside of duplicating the course for these users any suggestions would be much appreciated.






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I don't know of a way to reset a module's progress for a user.  In the future, be sure to use the Student View when testing your course so that it only affects a Test Student account that is created.  You are able to reset a Test Student, so that you could test multiple times if needed.

Unless someone else has a better suggestion, I would recommend trying to duplicate or re-create the module and then remove the one that the student already completed when you were acting as them.  Hopefully with a new module it won't show as being completed in the new one.

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