I want to implement a stucture for gamifying elem art lessons…using badges?

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I have seen a gamified UDL approach to art lessons for upper elementary kids that was implemented in Google slides.  Can I recreate something similar in our Canvas lms?

lessons presented to students including background material.  Canvas can do that.
student submits image to turn in work.  Canvas can do that.

student would self-modify a sheet to remove greyed out images sitting on top of colorful ones to essentially say they have earned the badge.  

After student has completed 5 projects,

 student would present evidence- those previously submitted images -to the teacher

 teacher would “level them up”…essentially making another slides file available to them. 

I think I could create an assignment that would always be available where student would answer a multiple choice question- what 5 assignments did you complete.  Somehow it is graded and a passing grade being given by teacher would level them up.  

but can I provide some visual badges to correspond to the projects?  How visible can we make the badge section?  Does it appear on their course homepage?