Password update field missing and 401 unauthorized when trying to change password with API

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Using our organizations Admin account, I have tried opening student accounts to change their password but in the Update Login menu, there are no password or confirm password options available.

I tried to do a password update using the API but I am getting a 401 Unauthorized error but every other API call I have tried works. I created a new access token but that did not work either. 

I tried to use the live API at https://{institution} and used the old as well as the new access tokens, went to the Login section and under PUT, I entered in our organization account_id, added the id for the student login_id (I also tried the student canvas_user_id) and added a new password in the login[password] field and I get a 401 Unauthorized error.

I verified in the permissions that the Account Admin role has access to 'Users - list view', 'Users - manage login details' and all over Users permissions are set as well.

Is there something else I could be missing?