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Custom Reports in Catalog

Hi Everyone! 

My name is Jon Fenton and I'm a new Product Manager at Instructure. In case you haven't heard, Instructure is putting a dedicated team of developers together to work on Catalog (yay!). We're committed to the future of Catalog and excited to begin active development on the platform once again.

We sent out a couple of surveys recently where we asked about the features people are most excited to see in Catalog. We were blown away by the level of participation and if anyone hasn't had a chance to see those results, you can check them out here

One of the biggest requests we're getting is for improved reporting capabilities. This is clearly a feature that a lot of people are anxious to see us improve. But we want to make sure we know how enhancements here could be the most beneficial. So we need your input! What types of reports or data would be most useful for your institution? Is it reports on user defined fields? More data options in our current reports? Or maybe you want our reports to be StarWars themed and make lightsaber sounds when you click the export button? Whatever it is, I'd love to hear from you. 

Thanks everyone!

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Glad to see this request for feedback, and as much as I love Star Wars we do have some needs specific to K-12 for custom reporting in Catalog.  So, below is just a list to get the conversation going:

  • The current reporting options available to us seem to be revenue and catalog based, and while we may get there one day generating revenue is not a goal for us currently with Catalog. 
  • We would like to be able to run a report on a specific listing that would show all things pertinent to listing - enrollment status, wait-list, etc.
  • We would like to be able to run a report for a specific term and/or date range. 

That is all I have for now.  Thanks again for starting this discussion. 


Thanks for your work on this!

I agree with Gregory regarding needing reports for a specific listing that

shows enrollment status, completion status, etc. It would also be helpful

if we could see who has started a course/made progress, versus just

complete or not complete.

We also have a need to report on user defined fields by course listing, so

it would be great if that could be included as well.

It would also be extremely helpful if the user defined fields downloaded

into separate columns in Excel, rather than all going into a single field

that then needs to be separated out.

Thank you,


On Fri, Oct 27, 2017 at 11:47 AM, Gregory.Odell <>

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Gregory.Odell‌ nailed it!

We predominantly use Catalog as a way to offer and track teacher professional development, so fee and revenue reports aren't our first priority.  

At the admin level, we would like to be able to easily pull a report of all courses in a catalog and their current enrollment numbers and the number of people on a wait-list.  This helps us as we budget and to see if we need to close courses or offer additional sections. 

We would like to be able to further customize the user transcript to show the type (category) of professional development as required by our state.  

Excited to see Catalog getting some love!

Thanks Greg! 

One follow up question - are you asking for the listing information to be aggregated? The way I'm imagining the report, it would have one listing per line with aggregated totals for enrollment, waitlist and completion.

Besides those three, what other information would be helpful at the listing level? 

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Hi Jon,

Yes it would be nice to have the listing info aggregated.  Of course, we would also like a similar report for each catalog as well.  It would also be nice to know how many times each listing has been viewed.  Course # associated with listing would be helpful on report.  Thank you! 

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We would like a report indicating which users have accepted the invitation to the course in Canvas. Our registration team imports a csv sheet from a third party into Catalog. When in Canvas on the People page, we are not able to see pending invites which were pushed out through Catalog. This is unlike when users are directly invited through Canvas and pending is indicated by the name of the user.

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Most importantly, I would like to be able to report on all courses in a catalog and their current enrollment numbers and the number of people on a wait-list.  

I would also like to be able to customize transcripts to show the category of professional development that is required by our state.  

I would like support when there is an issue with the appearance of the Catalog.  We had large, open space in our catalog and all I got was from Canvas support was something along the lines of "There is an error in your script.  We do not offer support on that."  We didn't edit the script in the first place.

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1. Report Query builder options:
-Select course(s)
-Select date range
-Be able to pull individual class registration list
2. Include student address, phone and email
3. Allow for exportable information from added form fields.
   -we have added fields in the form for (for example) a company pays for an individual's course. We would like to export that information

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We have multiple agencies and organizations using our Catalog. I would love the report to include the institution associated with the person. We added this field to the registration process but I still don't see it in my reports.


Sorting/filter functionality and the ability to export to Excel for all reports!!!

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Reporting from the Continuing Education side. This is what improved data means to us!

  • The ability to pull 1 report with revenue and enrollment
    • Have the revenue report be sortable before download rather than one large aggregated report 
  • ID’s for all courses that are in the catalog bundle
  • Revenue report and Canvas enrollment report reflect one another 
  • Start and end dates on revenue report
  • Catalog doesn’t push course titles to paypal - Push more data to paypal
  • Course download for courses (order, enrolled, visibility and enrollable) - course level data
  • Promotion code management and report (I lump this with data because it's reflected in revenue)
    • Download and filter by sub-account and usage 
  • Tag reporting! Courses can be tagged with categories but there isn't any reporting on what it means or if it's useful for course search
  • A viewable list of courses that are not public in the catalog. If you forgot the name of a course tile you created and you made it private, good luck finding it again!

In Continuing Education, we are interested in the full learner journey from checkout to completion. We would love our catalog and canvas reports to talk to one another to be able to track course completion and progress. 

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One of the most important things to me would be automation. e.g., sending a report out automatically in a daily email, even better would be an integration, like sending it to google drive, etc. 

I know that's probably possible with the API, but that's expensive to set up. 

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Custom Reports in Catalog‌ are there any updates to these requests?