Double Registrations with Catalog

Community Participant

We are seeing many cases of user emails being listed twice in our sub-account's Admin People list and users enrolled twice in individual courses.  Typically, the email will be the same for both items, but the names will be slightly different, or one will include an SIS ID, but one will not.  This really messes up our completion rates and it may cause other issues as well.

We think it's happening because users are self-registering, even though they've technically already got an account.  They are already listed in the sub-account because our main account admin uploads a list of staff to our subaccount so that Instructure won't charge us fees for those users to register.   We think users are filling in their name in the Enroll box instead of clicking on sign in.  I even made a video to try to discourage this: 

Has anyone else seen this kind of problem?