How to: multiple Parent Catalogues?

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Hi. We're just starting to look at Canvas Catalog for our large complex government organisation. Ignoring our existing "Bread'n'butter" P-12 student learning using Canvas, we'll have both staff training and also governance-based compliance training for all education providers across our region (ie: not our staff).

I envisage we'll have at least 4 top-level catalogues of Canvas Catalog, each benefiting from using a different "Path" URL to differentiate. These 4 top-level won't have any connection between them, completely different branding and configurations. Each of the 4 will have multiple sub-catalogs.

Because of the desire to differentiate the 4 top-level catalogs, is it feasible to make each a "Private Catalog", deliberately not utilising the inheritance from the Domain Catalog, to set up the "Parent" for each to then create their respective sub-catalogs? I can't really see a need for 

but can for

... for each of the business groups responsible for their own listings.

(the other side of the coin is differentiating admins for their own parent catalog but no other ... but that's for later)


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@BarryBEATTIE for what it is worth, we are employing a similar setup.  We have a portion of our Catalog that is for completely outside people not otherwise connected to our institution and that has its own sub-domain with its own branding and admins.  Its unique URL is what is linked on our website so when people click to go to it, they do not see courses not associated with that sub-account.  I have another section that is purely for our faculty and staff and has custom javascript to force our users to login with their institution email (I block links from working until they are logged in and hide the ability for them to create new accounts).  This is also a sub-domain of the root catalog.

Hope that helps!


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