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Terminology and Accuracy Of Transcript

Transcript terminology and creation inaccurate (please see attached).

In order for courses to display within Completed segment on the transcript, the Canvas Course Settings need to have have "restrict students from viewing after end date" UNchecked. However, the system definition of Completed appears to mean the start/end date of the course is completed. If our courses had requirements or prerequisites, would a course still display as Completed based on end date? 

In Scenario C of the example, the participant did not successfully complete the course because 2 assignments were not submitted. Even entering a zero for each assignment, the participant had a "passing" grade. However, it is a requirement for all assignments to be submitted. i.e. not submit = no pass, no matter what the grade column indicates.

What can we do to produce an accurate transcript? Can the PDF Transcript button be disabled until we find a fix? If we check "restrict students from viewing after end date", no "completed" courses are listed which isn't accurate either.

Disclaimer: I only have limited rights between our Canvas and Catalog subaccounts. Open to suggestions on required adjustment to settings in order for accurate transcripts to be produced by the system.

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What we have seen is that students need to complete all of the modules to release a certificate and then it will show complete in Catalog and accurate reading on the transcript. In addition, removing the drop button in Canvas allows for more accurate analytics so students can only drop courses in Catalog. 

Here is the code to remove the drop button. You will need to masquerade as the student to see the button in Canvas.

/* Hide the "Drop Course" button that appears for students who have self-enrolled. */

.self_unenrollment_link {

    display:none !important;



Unfortunately, the PDF transcript button cannot be disabled currently. 

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I think the following CSS code should hide the transcript button on the student Dashboard.

.DashboardNavigation__TranscriptButton {
display: none;

We toyed with the idea at Boston College (because courses that have ended are always described as "Completed" in the transcript, even if the module requirements have not been met), but have left it visible for now.


Thanks for sharing the potential code to hide the transcript button. Do you happen to know if the code would be able to be applied on a specified sub-catalog level?

I know it can be applied at the subcatalog level if it's a "domain" subcatalog (as opposed to the "path" option). In the screenshot below I implemented the code at our bostoncollege-test subcatalog domain (left), but not at the main catalog level (right).

Although, as demonstrated in the screenshot as well, a student can view either Dashboard with the same account.

If you use path subcatalogs you probably cannot limit where the code applies, since the Dashboard doesn't really use those paths (they are more for the Catalog tile and listing views).

PDF transcript button hidden in "test" subcatalog, but not main catalog

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Thanks for the suggestions and examples!

If students are not able to access the PDF transcript, where does that data go? I am not finding a query or report to identify potential Completed courses within Catalog.

  • Are transcripts only visible on the student user side of Catalog?
  • If a student requested a transcript when the transcript button is removed, are admin able to pull a transcript and verify for accuracy before sharing that info with the student?
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Catalog has a report for courses completed. You can also find a user's transcript in the same place. To see this information, once you are in your admin view in Catalog, you will want to click on Analytics. You can sort this report by course, enrollment date, or by name.


Click the Enrollments Tab (Default View) to see completion date.


Click the User Registrations Tab to see the student's Transcript.


But, I have noticed the same error with the transcripts. Even if users have not completed all of the course completion requirements, if the time limit is passed, the course usually shows up in the "completed" portion of the Transcript, even though in the Analytics the course still shows as "Not Completed". (Not always, but sometimes).