Can an LTI external link assignment be shared via Commons? I'm getting an error.

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I have developed an LTI tool that integrates well with Canvas. We can create deep linking assignments and they work without issue. I then tried to share one of these assignments to "Commons" and shared only amongst the school that was already using it. When importing that assignment into another class (which also had the LTI tool available), it imports the assignment, but when I go to it, I receive an error from Canvas saying:

"couldn’t find valid settings for this link"

When I edit the imported assignment, I can see the link to the external tool looks the same as when it was originally created. Can deep-linked external tool assignments be shared via Commons? If so, any suggestions on where to look as to why this is failing?


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Thank you for this reply. When copying content we always recommend checking the LTI links even if they are copied from commons as they can give the error you mentioned above. This is due them being an external link and not being included in the copying of content as mentioned here

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