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I am fairly new to Canvas and will be building a number of courses for my organisation, there is likely to be the same PDF information files that may appear in more than one course.

How can I set up a common library that we keep all uploaded Canvas resources in - that is then only accessible to our organisation and that we can use as our repository for all our resources? 

Also will that then mean that I can make a change to one document which will then change across all Canvas courses that contains the same document??


Thanks in advance!

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Community Coach

Good evening, @LouWalder ...

The way that I have heard others do what you are wanting is to use something like Google Drive or Microsoft OneDrive to store those files.  Then, you would use the harvested embed code from those services to add the documents to your courses in Canvas.  In this way, if you make a change to the document in Google Drive or OneDrive, it should update the content everywhere it is linked.  Obviously, you'd want to do some testing on this to make it sure that it is working the way you want.  You might want to check with your school's IT department to see if they use either Google or Microsoft ... as they may have a preferred way for you to store your files outside of Canvas.

Hope this helps a bit.  Sing out if you have any other questions about this...thanks!

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