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I was provided a link to a Commons set of resources. I am a teacher and originally started a Canvas account for an online class I took.

Link I was provided.

How can I find the details necessary for reach out to my Customer Cussess Manager?

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OHHHHH you mean the 'Commons' button located on the Global Navigation bar? Where the Dashboard and Account buttons are?

Yes, you have to have a teacher role in at least one course under that account to have access to see the 'Commons' link on the left.

If you still want access to it, you can create a Free-For Teacher account and import that course into one of your courses on the free account! That's only if that resource was shared with all canvas users publicly, and not just within your school.

Does this help?

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@TravisWyrick ...

Ah...I see.  If you have access to courses in Canvas only as a student, you will not be able to access Canvas Commons.  The second bullet point under the heading "Notes" within the light blue box at the top of this Guide describes who has access to Commons.  How do I use Commons? - Instructure Community - 1795 (  Students are not part of this list, unfortunately.  You'll need to work with your school's Canvas administrator to figure out how best for you to get access to Canvas Commons.

Good luck!

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