Downloading (But Not Importing) a Course from Commons

Community Participant

In short, how do I download a course from the commons without importing it into an existing course? Can that even be done?

A colleague has posted a course to the commons. She has a wealth of knowledge and experience. I would like to download her course to review later, perhaps using pieces of it in the future, perhaps adapting some of it into my existing courses. I certainly do not want to import her material into an existing course because that would paste over my existing course, right? And even if it does not, it is very difficult to house, organize, and access "just-for-me" and "what-if?" material in a canvas shell without students coming across it and trying to interact with it, right? I would like access to the course without it mixing with my own.

My search of the canvas guides yielded only how to import into an existing course. Thank you for any help you can offer.