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I use New Quizzes in my courses & have many questions in Item Banks. In early September, one of my students informed me that one of my quizzes wouldn't allow students to take the quiz. When I looked at the quiz, I found that one of my item banks (with over 50 questions) was missing. Upon further investigation, I found a total of 5 item banks missing from multiple courses. Each of the missing item banks had between 20 and 50 items in it, so I was not happy about the prospect of having to recreate everything from scratch.


I contacted Canvas Support about the missing item banks. They were able to recover the item banks after about 10 days. 

However, I found that I could view dozens of item banks from other instructors at my institution in many different departments (music, history, business, PE, math, social work). Not only can I view the item banks, but I can view individual questions within the banks, & I can also delete these item banks from other instructors (I never actually did so, but I assume I can since there's a delete button next to each item bank). I informed Canvas Support that this is a massive test security issue & was told that it was intended.
Given that there is a feature that allows sharing item banks with other instructors, why are item banks (& questions within) viewable to all other instructors at the institution by default? And what possible reason is there to allow other instructors to delete my item banks? A disgruntled employee can singlehandedly break dozens of courses by deleting other instructors' item banks. And sure, maybe those item banks are recoverable, but if it takes 10 days to recover and the disgruntled employee deletes the item banks shortly before finals, that's 9.5 days too long.  Instructors are going to be stuck manually recreating all the items so students can complete the exam.
So my question is this: Why is it intended functionality to allow other instructors to view & delete my item banks?
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Our campus admin was able to work with Instructure to resolve the issue.  I can now only view my item banks in All Banks.  Unfortunately, I do not know what the solution was, but your admin should be able to contact Instructure for help with a resolution.

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