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I am considering sharing some courses on Commons but they each have a few videos in Studio.  I know that Studio content can't be shared through Commons but does anyone have a good way around that?  I want to utilize Studio but also want to have these courses shared for other instructors in my institution. 


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Hello @RachelSalmon,

Currently, Studio embeds are closely linked to specific Studio instances and even to courses within those instances.

Could you please clarify if your intention is to share content across distinct instances or if you're aiming to share courses within the same instance?

In case you're looking to share content across different instances, it appears that the only way to retain the media, given the current feature set, would involve the following steps:

  • Download the media from the current Studio instance.
  • Upload the downloaded media to the new instance.
  • Re-embed the media by removing it from the content and then embedding the newly uploaded media.

If your preference is to work within a single instance, you can leverage Studio's content-sharing feature. This allows you to share content with new teachers and subsequently re-embed the content in this manner, obviating the need for downloading and uploading.

Please let us know if you require further clarification or assistance.

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