Share imported page to ALL courses at ONE TIME??

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^^^ That's all. It took me 45 minutes to send a shared page to EACH module I had to enter it to. Forty-five.  Is there a hidden way to do that? I searched  here, and couldn't find a way. 

If there isn't a way, could we puleeeeeze figure out a way to send one page, shared to EACH module that needs it with one drop down, like when you download a Commons page? When you dnld a Canvas Commons page, you get a drop down that lists all your courses, and you check a box for each course you want to send it to. So. Simple!  Love that.  Love that. 

Thank you.. 


Frustrated ;|

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Hello there, @barrdodds_judy ...

I may be missing something as I am reading through your question, so please let me know if I'm completely off-base here.  You've got a page in your course that you'd like to send/share to several other courses.  You mentioned Canvas Commons.  I think that would be a great use of Commons, to be honest.  You would set up your page in your first course the way you wanted it.  Then, you would share that page to Commons.  (You could even just share it privately with yourself in Commons via the "Only Me" option.)  Then, as you've mentioned in your OP (Original Posting), you could then import that page into all the other courses that you wanted that page to go into.  The nice thing about this approach is that if you ever need to make a change to that page, you can then update it in the first course, re-share it to Commons, and then tell Common to push out that update to all the other courses you put that page into.

Here are some Guides that should help:

I understand why you'd want to be able to share a page to several courses all at one time directly in a course...I can definitely see some advantages there.  You are able to use the "Copy to..." feature, but that wouldn't give you the extra benefit of being able to update the original page and then push it out to the rest of your courses.  And the “Copy to” option only allows you to select one course at a time.  I like to think of that approach (using Commons) as, "update once, distribute to many".  How do I copy a page to another course?

Again, if I have misinterpreted anything in your messages, my apologies.  Hopefully my response will have some ideas for you...but please let Community members know how we might be able to help if you have additional questions.  Thanks!

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