When/how to I import a common cartridge question bank

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Since I'm a fairly new Canvas instructor, I want to use new quizzes as much as possible.  However, our math textbook does not current support exporting QTI files.  There are many supported formats but I've been using common cartridge.

I can successfully import a quiz into original quizzes and migrate that quiz to new quizzes.  What I want is to import directly into question banks in new quizzes as this would save time and I can share with my department.  I want to avoid having to select each question individually to add to a question bank - which I can do - as this is very time intensive.  Any suggestions for a bulk transfer of questions to a question bank?  I do not believe I was using question banks in original quizzes though I did use question groups.

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I have a round about method that should work.  First you need a Classic Quiz.  Hopefully when you import the common cartridge it creates one, but if not simply create a new classic quiz and use the Find button to pull in all of the questions.

Next, export the quiz.  How do I export quiz content from a course?  This will be in QTI format which means you can import it into a Item Bank in new Quizzes.  https://community.canvaslms.com/docs/DOC-26381-how-do-i-import-questions-from-a-qti-package-into-an-... 

It takes a few steps but should be easier than manually adding one question at a time.


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