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Embedded Video

I'm looking for a way to identify courses within Canvas that have embedded video content.  I've tried using the 'body' field in the wiki_page_dim table but this only shows the first 250 characters.  If the video is placed after a short piece of text I can't trace it here anymore.  Does anyone know of another way I could try to find this information?

Thank you.


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Hi @a1222679 , I just checked the column type and max character length for wiki_page_dim.body in our MYSQL Canvas Data database, and I found LONGTEXT is the type and the max character length in the field is over 100,000.  Perhaps the column has a different type in your database, so the values are being truncated on data load.  In that case, you might be able to alter the table definition so the column type for wiki_page_dim.body is LONGTEXT, LONGBLOB or some other type with a very high character capacity.  Then reload the data and rerun the query.


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Thank you for your response Samuel.  This sort of thing is not my area of expertise so I'll seek some guidance from those in the know at the data warehouse.  Good to know that it's a possibility though.

Thanks again,