API Code to recognize the maximum number of allowed attempts

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Hi everyone, 

We are using the Grade Services API, and we need to identify the error: "422 The maximum number of allowed attempts has been reached for this submission" in our api calls, so exists a better way to identify this error, different from just verify the 422 code?, the code already uses for other types of errors:

422This course has concluded. AGS requests will no longer be accepted for this course.Reopen the specified course or stop sending requests for this courseOnly returned if the ags_improved_course_concluded_response_codes feature flag is enabled
422User not found in course or is not a studentEnsure the user you're specifying exists or is a student 
422ScoreMaximum must be greater than or equal to 0Ensure you're passing a valid value for ScoreMaximum 
422ScoreMaximum not supplied when ScoreGiven presentEnsure you're providing a ScoreMaximum in any request with a ScoreGiven 
422Content items must be provided with submission type 'online_upload'Ensure you specify the correct submission type when providing submission files 
422The maximum number of allowed attempts has been reached for this submissionAdd additional attempts or stop sending submission requests for the specified student


I'll appreciate your suggestions!