Can Canvas act as an LTI tool

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I would like to build an LTI consumer and consume an instance of canvas as though it were an LTI tool. I believe the LTI spec allows for this, but I'm curious if there are docs or if someone can point me in the right direction?


The use case is to add functionality to the left/top/right rail of the page and I've found that using the global js provides a sub par user experience.

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What you're describing sounds a lot little how DesignPLUS works. It adds extra drawers in certain area to Canvas. This tool was originally open sourced and it had both an LTI tool as well as a lot of custom Javascript to pop up the Design Tools navigation. The open source tool "KennethWare" stopped working when Canvas released their new rich text editor last year but the CidiLabs version still is updated and supported. Might be useful as inspiration on what is possible. There is a lot of information available to Javascript code in the ENV variable such as ENV["COURSE"} and ENV["current_user"].

Some web apps can work as both a LTI platform and a tool but Canvas is just a platform currently. 


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